Me and my Manuscript – Surviving the Synopsis

I knew that I had to invest in my synopsis. I just didn’t think it was going to cost me $60 in wine and 2kg of weight gain.

This process is tough. Not only do you have to condense your whole book into a page, and even more horrifying, into two paragraphs, but you have to ensure your writing voice is heard. Well, listen here synopsis. I’m only going to say this once, because I’m running out of word count.

You’re really important to me. You thought I was going to get really angry didn’t you? I’m like that. I like to surprise and deliver the unexpected. Kind of like you, I’m elusive and frustrating.

Without you, a whole years worth of work may go unnoticed. Without you, I would find it difficult to convey the message of my book. Without you, I would have slept a good solid eight hours every night this week.

But you’re here. And I do feel better now. Because now that you’re simmering away, you’re safe from being burnt, and from everything around you being burnt: the computer, the chair I sat on, the keyboard I smashed.

I promised that there would be no advice on my blogs. But if I could take away one thing from this week it would be this. I am so glad I started this process early. It took me a whole week and a one eighth of my sanity to get to draft 3 of my 300 word synopsis. Two days later I already want to make changes.

And the voice that I was reluctant to add, is singing without any pressure.

274 words.





10 thoughts on “Me and my Manuscript – Surviving the Synopsis

  1. Many thanks for this handy advice Lorelle. This sort of personal experience is what I love reading. Now, I will be well prepared for this particular horror when my time comes. I’ll make sure to get in wine and chocolate! Thanks for the follow. 🙂

    • No problems at all ! I really enjoy jotting down my experiences. Seems though the synopsis was not finished and I have to start again 😦 glad a started early

  2. What’s that old quote falsely attributed to Mark Twain and Lincoln, about sorry for the length of this letter no time to write a short one…

    Snyopsi are hard.

    • That quote is just fabulous! Thank you 🙂 I’m at the stage where I keep playing around with it but most of it reverts back to what I had originally written. I guess I’ll keep going until the same happens with the first 30%, which incidentally is most important ( I’m assuming )

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