Three days until my first submission – why is this process taking so long?

A week ago I started confirming all the details of my submissions. They fall over different days and have different requirements, so this is not just a duplication process.

Skim over the next part if you wish, the bikini is at the bottom.

To give you a brief summary ( about 5 hours a day)

Last Friday: confirming requirements: checking MS length required, date of submissions( some want 50, 100, one chapter etc );Β  manuscript cover letter and synopsis format; biography and cover letterΒ  content ( If they say to email your cover letter is this a separate attachment *shrug*)

This Monday: Started writing biography and content of cover letter. Biography: who I am, my experience, and any relevant achievements. Cover letter: market I’m writing to, why, authors/work I am similar to, and in one case, how I can help promote the book.

Tuesday: Halved bio and cover letter content, and researched cover letters further through QLD Writers centre. It’s starting to look like a query letter now, even though it’s not going to agents.

Wednesday: rewrote synopsis to make it shorter (240 words) and punchier, formatted manuscript and synopsis checking indents, page breaks, changing font and adding headers and a title page, started cover letter.

Thursday: Daughter was off sick so I thought it wise to firm up my blurb, tagline, logline in case this helps with my synopsis. Rewrote synopsis to include the ending…fun day

Friday/Today: Have finally decided to submit my new adult urban fantasy as adult instead of young adult as MC is 20 – this has been plaguing me all week. And I have to rewrite everything above.

Where has the time gone? If I hadn’t started last Friday with these finer details, there would be no way I’d be ready on Monday. I cant stress enough- start this process early if you want to meet your goal.

I’m already thinking about editors eyes rolling over my work, tossing it aside and saying, “NEXT”. It made me think about the power of visualization. If I’m thinking they will hate it and that I will fail, have I already lost? Will this doubt sabotage my final revisions, ensuring the result is congruent with my beliefs?

When you want to look skinny, you visualize yourself after you’ve lost weight – wearing a bikini. If you want that new house, you picture yourself in it. So today I’m going to picture myself wearing a bikini in my new house while editors look over my work and say, “Wow. This is what we are after,” just in case any other negativity bleeds into my submission head space.


20 thoughts on “Three days until my first submission – why is this process taking so long?

  1. What a great post, and inspirational. You’re well on track, so continue to keep that negativity at bay and you’ll be just fine, I’m sure. Best of luck with it!

  2. It was scary – and even worse is the wait. Been almost three weeks since my first submission 😦 I’m a good 6k into book 2 though, so at least I’m moving forward.

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