My submission week

I’ve been super slack – and i don’t mean the super hero that goes around loosening things. Although if you do find a blog where someone proclaims to be Super Slack, can you please refer them back to mine because I have a pair of sweat pants that I haven’t been able to get out of all week…

And now that I’ve exposed myself as slack – which is the sort of overt proclamation real super heroes avoid – I’ve highlighted a weakness that may have gone unnoticed. You know when you find out something about someone that you weren’t aware of but now that you are aware, you can’t stop noticing it? It’s like commas, colons, semi colons and hyphens. Until I started writing and editing, I was able to blissfully read a whole book without obsessing. Now all I do is analyse them every time they’re used to work out why the author chose that particular option. For punctuation that’s meant to help flow, they are not doing a very good job!

But seriously, I’ve only been a bit lax around my blog posts, tweets and retweets and comments this week. Normally I spend half an hour every morning looking through every ones posts, but I have no room in my brain. So what have I been doing? Submissions of course – but it’s more than a click of a button – of course!

I’ve also been editing. I’m an editing machine. And now that I’m part of this special machine club, I might be able to find another machine that will pay more attention to the children.

So apologies for my absence. I shall be back in full force next week. Good luck with your writing projects 🙂




4 thoughts on “My submission week

  1. So true. Your words possess deafening resonance! We can only fit so much into our lives. Those of us who write will surely understand that social media needs to take a back seat at time like this. Are we bloggers who write, or writers who blog?

    • I think that all the time, Marcus. I get really confused. As much as I’m enjoying my blog, I just didn’t have the head space. Normally, my posts are screaming to be let out, but this week I was lying in bed for a whole hour and this is all I could come up with!

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