Write when you can vs Write when you must.


It’s been a while. I’ve been stressed, building the new start to my MS that will wow the world.

Writing is hard, and the more I learn to plot more than pants, the more I realise that writing is HARD. And no longer can I write 2K a day aimlessly, getting lost in banter-flavoured exchanges and plot-irrelevant quirkiness.

The time I write is a time of concentration. I can’t even listen to music while I kill my darlings; yes, their screams are so loud, I hear nothing anyway. So writing while my kids are in the vicinity is a challenge, and it’s one I accepted with ugly consequences.

I’ve thought about a few writing ‘camps’lately, but the one  I’m thinking of now is the ‘I’ll write when I must’ camp vs the ‘I’ll write when I can’ camp.’ Hand on my heart, massive respect to anyone who has a non-writing parttime/fulltime job and THEN comes home to write or writes before breakfast. I’m not sure I could do this and stay sane. Although my style does have a mental edge. . .

Does that mean I shouldn’t write? I don’t know. Maybe it’s more about finding the right time to write, for me, for my family – like when the kids are in bed for example.

After all, they are the reason I write like I do, and an ogre glaring at them is not the fairy-tale life children are looking for.


4 thoughts on “Write when you can vs Write when you must.

  1. Writing is hard. I haven’t written at all this week yet. It takes definite discipline and sacrifice. And I agree with you. I would not sacrifice my family over my writing. But I do need to start sacrificing other more menial things.

  2. Hi again, Lorelle. So true. There are times when our lives and relationships will demand more of our time; and our writing needs to take second place in the real world in which we actually live. All best wishes from the UK.

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