When you can’t wait any longer to query. . .

Have you ever looked back on a decision and thought, ‘Geez, I should have waited before doing that,’ but at the same time thought, ‘If I don’t do this now, I’m going to make everyone regret it?’ You heard me, everyone…Family, critique partners. They know when you’re getting that itch because you become so darn demanding. And the justifications? I love the justifications. They just keep coming until you wear everyone down and they too agree. Because then you become less annoying . . . All jokes aside, I love my family and my critique partners, and without my own ‘raid’ team, I don’t think I’d be able to even write this blog, let alone rewrite my MS…

I’m going to introduce you to Leeroy. If you have a minute, please watch this video and you may draw comparisons to your querying journey. While this raid team is planning, crunching numbers and eliminating risks, Leeroy says, ‘I am done with the planning and the calculations and the predictions, and I just want to get amongst this and get something done!’ And yeah, Leeroy kills the whole team and is, to quote one gamer, ‘as stupid as hell,’ but he makes me laugh and reminds me of myself.

So have you ever ‘Leeroyed’ throughout your publishing journey?  And is flailing, and dying horribly, against a horde of somethings better than feeling nothing?