Writing is like dieting

Writing and dieting have an interesting relationship. I thought starving writers were motivated to write more, but the opposite is true for me. If I didn’t have a fridge to go to every time I’m stuck on a word, it would be become too expensive: I’d have¬† to replace all the keyboards I would smash.¬† I’m trying to do both at the moment and falling flat so I thought I’d make some observations about my experience.

Some similarities:

1) If you make realistic long-term goals, you are more likely to achieve them.

2) If you have a bad day and don’t meet your daily goal, start the next day as though yesterday never happened. Don’t try to make up for what you didn’t do the day before.

3) Quality exceeds quantity – a satisfying, tasty meal will stick with you longer than loads of small tasteless meals. The same can be said for word count and content.

4) You are more likely to achieve your goals if you surround yourself with people who have the same goals.

5) If you go too hard for too long, you will burn out.

6) Exercise will help immensely.

7) If you don’t achieve either goal, it is really difficult to stop yourself from going to the fridge……


Although they may be similar, it can be detrimental to strive for both at the same time.

1) The more you do of one, the less you want to do of the other.

2) If you are like me and you drink more alcohol when you diet, then you are now drinking three times as much now that you write and diet.

3) The hungrier you are, the crankier you are – so the it’s less likely you feel in the mood to write.

4) You will become more obstinate when you feel compelled to follow two regimes.


Do you have any issues with overeating or eating less when you write?