Destiny has a lot to answer for…

And I don’t mean the type of destiny that will have me recognised as a super successful, respected author. Although that destiny also has a lot to answer for with the week I’ve had with submissions.

And it might be just me, but that symbol¬† on the picture kind of looks like a cod piece. Just sayin’….

Tuesday morning is my prime time blogging time and Destiny stole it. And I don’t mean that I was playing the game on the Xbox. Writers don’t have time to game apparently, but as an ex gamer, my future gaming hours will consist of skulking in the shadows living through my son vicariously.

So, my son has been saving up for the game – has been bleating on about needing a hard drive for this and that- but neglects to tell me that you need about 40 GB for this game. Well, I can be a pretty resourceful woman, and although¬† I’ve been pushing the boundaries of my jeans with submission stress and rejection rage even I can’t stretch 4 GB into 40GB. I did however research each and every possible cheap option, but alas, Microsoft will only allow up to 32 GB on an external hard drive or USB stick. So lets make Destiny use about 40. That makes sense.

Fair enough, but with the Xbox One out, spending $200 in total on a game and hard drive when it won’t be used in six months is a lot to stomach.

I know this is completely irrelevant to my writing endeavors of late..happy writing all.