First queries are out! And how I feel about that . . .

It’s never as simple as just being excited. I think Sue from this SNL skit sums up how I feel about my first round queries. So if you have two minutes, or even one, please watch this video. Sue has me in stitches. Why? She is one crazy woman. Excitement turns to panic attacks, overzealous joy and inappropriate reactions…And I think you may be able to relate to these emotions she suffers while excited.

So what am I most excited about? Is it the hope? Am I proud of myself for finding the courage? Am I seeking validation?

All of these. But I’m also excited about the prospect of finding someone who will appreciate my eccentric characters. And when a connection to my characters is a connection to me, finding someone who understands me is pretty exciting on its own šŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “First queries are out! And how I feel about that . . .

  1. I feel for you. What will you do while you wait? Keep sending out queries? Start writing a new one? Take a break? I wish you well. I think you’re doing everything right and I hope you reap the rewards. Good luck.

    • I’m going to keep organising my queries for the first few rounds. And with the submission process under my belt, I’ve found a few minor edits I want to implement. Couldn’t see the opportunity before when I was neck high in information. Next week, I’m going to continue book two. That will be weird.

    • Thanks, Sue. The research process is pretty exciting, so while I wait for rejections/resposnes, I’m going to spirits up by organising my next few rounds šŸ™‚

  2. A. Good luck! (You probably won’t need it because…)
    B. Eccentric characters are cool! We can get our fill or ordinary ones without reading anything. (Which means…)
    C. You books are going to ROCK! That’s all there is to it. (But just remember…)
    D. The reward for hard work is more work! šŸ˜‰


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