I’m going to handle these rejections like I’m 18 and drunk

I know what you’re thinking. I’m going to get drunk to deal with these submission rejections, get dressed up in tarty clothes and try and pick up. You’d be wrong. I’m already drunk… But seriously, I’m not. This is about me then, not me now.

Don’t worry, husband. You have nothing to worry about. I can’t fit into those clothes anymore, so you are safe. But Dad, Daddy, Papa Bear….you might want to look away.

I wanted to write about the correlation between positive thinking, unrealistic expectations and being deluded. I was even going to set up a game! And although I love games – so much so I used to play board games on my own when I was younger ie 38 – it just didn’t feel right. And I’m sick of being all broody and deep. I’ll leave that to the super-intense, emotional male love interest who shows just how deep and sensitive he is by showcasing his piano-playing prowess. Now if he could do the same with a piano accordion,  I would be really impressed.

What did I do when I threw myself at someone at a bar and they rejected me when I was younger? I put on those same heels, but on a bit of slap – or a lot of slap depending on the lighting offered – and threw myself at those same people again. Yep, the same people again. Ah, good times. You hear of people taking over ten years to get published – pretty resilient people with iron-guts determination. That’s 18 year old, drinking me.

So, what is my drug of choice now?  What will get me back in the publishing ring time after time? They are bouncing behind me right now, and my goodness do they make me want to drink 🙂