It’s not you, it’s me: when authors jump genres

A blood elf in Warcraft dancing like Napoleon Dynamite? Sure, why not? I’m open to anything. I love this dance!

My favourite author jumping genres? Wait, what? Which genre? I’m not open to everything.

When I read a book by one of my favourite authors and they’ve taken on a new style to fit a new genre and added elements I never agreed to,  my heart sinks and I feel guilty for not feeling the love.  One minute I’m tweeting reviews and retweeting other people’s reviews, and then retweeting the author’s retweets of other people’s reviews of their books, and the next minute I’m hiding under the desk becoming uncharacteristically silent when I’m normally so vocal. I want to stick with them, I’m not completely unreasonable. Should I remain as supportive as before just because it isn’t my thing?

I used to love Fantasy; it was my first love, before Urban Fantasy and you never forget your first love. I am not trending to Game of Thrones when I say that I would love to write a  true Fantasy novel one day. I’d shake my David Eddings and Raymond E.Feist books at you for proof, but they’d get all ratty with my vehemence. And I’d challenge you to a duel with my ten level 80 Warcraft characters if I didn’t have to close down my account three years ago because I was so obsessed. I’d love to see David Eddings write a YA Contemporary romance, though. Has he? I’m so out of touch with my roots…

YA to NA to Adult and back. Not a problem for me, as long as the elements and style is similar.

Some leaps are more like a shuffle, some leaps can clear huge, gaping chasms.

What leaps have you stretching with the author, bracing yourself for the journey, and what genre jumps have you pouting like a 14 year old who has had their Warcraft account cancelled by Mummy? Okay… like a 39 year old who had to cancel their Warcraft account because they are obsessive.

If you don’t like the leap, are you just as supportive?

I’m not really saying what leaps are too big for me, am I?

Here’s the real Napoleon Dynamite to distract you with his awesomeness.