Self-Promoting Author – Oxymoron?


Hi *meek smile* *shy wave* You may not have noticed  but I’ve actually been here for a while. I kind of clung to the shadows and made sure I wasn’t making eye contact.  Oh, you were talking to my self-promoting self? She came in earlier wearing fluorescent Lycra, banging a big bass drum, blowing a whistle and generally pretending she was something she is not.

This won’t be a long post. It just hit me the other day that to me,  self promotion as an introvert, sorry, an unpublished introvert with no readers, makes the term ” self-promoting author” an oxymoron. *whispers to self* poxy moron.

I honestly feel like a used car salesmen. The only good thing in this instance is that the book has low mileage so it should sell well…

Look at me, Miss Pessimism…..No! Don’t look at me! Look at that author over there who’s bathing in promotion particles. If you squint really hard you can see them tentatively stick their head out only to whip it back under  sharpish.

When this baby gets out on the road though, you can bet I’ll be installing a lap dancing pole  and swinging from it like nobodies business. And if I don’t come to terms with promoting myself, nobodies business may be where it’s going to end up.