When should you move on from your first MS: two writing camps

I love this camp-flavoured direction. I might even make it a once-a-week thing. No more pretty pictures and borrowed gifs ( just once a week anyway, we all like nice things every now and again). Let’s just pick a camp, sit down, and start eating! Because we can all spend three hours making a meal, but at the end of the day, it takes five minutes to eat, regardless, and we are still full.

So upon thinking about my inspiration for writing camps, the first thing that came to mind is this: dumping your first MS baby vs moving onto something else.

And I came up with a relevant analogy that doesn’t bode well for us baby-MS hoarders, but I found it thought provoking all the same.

Imagine two camps, two physical camps. It’s cold and it’s wet.

Camp one refuses to move on from their first MS. Stubborn and determined, they find the wet stick in the rain that is their original MS, and they try to light it. Even though it doesn’t burn, they try time and time again but are still cold.

Camp two finds this same wet stick. It’s the same wet stick they know won’t burn, but they try a few times, because, well, because you never know. And that’s a great stick. And after a few attempts, they put this wet stick in a dry area and go looking for a useful one. This new, dry stick burns. Not as bright, but it warms all the same.

Camp one has had enough of this wet stick!.It refuses to burn, even when they will it to, so they throw it away, into the wet. They are cold. They wake up in the morning and can’t find the stick. It’s gone, and disheartened, they give up and go home and don’t care. They never want to camp again.

Camp two awakens, warm to a beautiful day. They find that wet stick. And although this stick was not useful the night before, it will have a use that upcoming night. They will be warm two nights, and will never fear camping again.

So I’m in Camp one at the moment. Anyone else?




2 thoughts on “When should you move on from your first MS: two writing camps

  1. Honestly, I have such a hard time letting go of wet sticks. I don’t really recognize whether they are wet or not. I just call them damp. Damp sticks will dry out, won’t they? I always think my work is a masterpiece. Well, maybe not that, but good anyway, even if it sucks. So hard to let go of your babies.

    • You know what? I am all about the wet sticks….when it comes to camps, I am all about trying to fire up that wet stick. But I can’t help thinking about those warm and toasty dry sticks.

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